Series Tunnel

Project Description

The tunnel system is specially designed for the lighting of road tunnels, in all sections that include: • Access Area
• Entry Area
• Transition Area
• Exit Area
The structure is made of stainless steel AISI316 or extruded aluminum to meet the various requirements of the specifications, and includes the integration of a heat dissipation system integrated aluminum to ensure optimum mechanical life of the springs, thanks to a balanced management of heat flow.
The fastening system is solved by means of a fixture adjustable with snap hooks safety, suitable to be installed on any type of chute (50> 250mm) without the use of tools.
The control electronics, integrated on board of the main body, is arranged for fixing the ignition, dimmable or for remote monitoring, for different protocols required in the works, both old and new (PWM stepDIM, 0-10V, ……) and the needs required by lighting designers.
The device is free from risk photobiological (EXEMPT GROUP ) according to EN 62471: 2008 and subsequent IEC / TR 62471: 2009.

Technical Sheet