Series Projector

Project Description

The projector system is a device designed exclusively with LED light sources for illumination of facades, sports fields, commercial spaces and large areas generally through a combination of secondary optics applied on the chip that allows a full range of photometric suitable to meet the most different type of installation.
The aluminum structure allows for the best cycle of life of the sources thanks to a balanced management of heat flow.
The use of various accessories and a high degree of protection (IP66) make installable in the ground , at the wall or pole of the lighting tower for heights up to 30m from the ground.
The control electronics, integrated on board of the main body, it is designed for the fixed lighting, dimmable or for the remote control, according to the various protocols required plants, (PWM stepDIM, 0-10V, ……) and the needs required by lighting designers.
The device is free from risk photobiological (EXEMPT GROUP) according to EN 62471: 2008 and subsequent IEC / TR 62471: 2009 and classifiable as CUT OFF, thus fully complying with the Regulations in force in terms of light pollution.

Technical Sheet