Serie Boxled

Project Description

The BoxLED is designed for street lighting urban low and medium city¬†traffic and for all applications of urban (parks, shopping areas, parking lots, etc …).
Through the use of LED sources with secondary optics applied on chips the article offers a full range of photometric suitable to cope with different geometries and applications to the diverse categories of installation. This peculiarity allows that system to be able to be used both in contexts recovery installations / existing plants, where energy optimization is the main target to be achieved, both for new lighting systems.
The control electronics, integrated on board the main body, is designed for the fixed light dimmer or remote control, according to the various protocols required in the works, both old and new (PWM stepDIM, 0-10V, ……) and the needs required by lighting designers.
The device is free from risk photobiological (EXEMPT GROUP) according to EN 62471: 2008 and subsequent IEC / TR 62471: 2009 and is classified as CUT OFF, thus fully complying with the Regulations in force in terms of light pollution.

Technical Sheet