GC Illumination

GC Illumination has a long history in the field of public lighting and street furniture, on the market since the early 50s.
The company name originates from the merger of Greek and Claude, the first manufacturer of appliances and lamps of the second, made by the American company ITT which was owned at the time. Subsequently, with the purchase of European ITT by the group ALCATEL, giant of the telecommunications sector, GC Illumination is incorporated under the name of ALCATEL – Lighting Division.
In the mid-90 is achieved by the separation of ALCATEL various operating divisions, concentrating its activities on its core telecommunications business; the lighting division, which is bought
by individuals and thus takes its name original, maintaining and improving the technology is already widely ‡ consolidated over time, is their most qualified staff.
This solution enabled GC ILLUMINATION to gain further dynamism and motivation, basic features for a really mean business.
These features, together with the constant technological innovation of products, have enabled the company to successfully propose its customers, distributed in Italy and abroad, a range of highly qualified (with IMQ / ENEC), specifically oriented technical outdoor lighting, with particular reference to the road, highway, street furniture, galleries, large areas, historic centers and sports facilities.
In the national context, GC Illumination has for years a prominent presence, counting among its customers the most important institutional bodies and installation companies in the sector, as well as the municipal utilities of the main town of North, Central, South Italy.
As regards exports, the company now has a strong presence on key markets such as the European Union (France, United Kingdom, Greece in particular), the Mediterranean (Morocco, Malta, Tunisia, Cyprus), Middle East (Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman), Far East (Peoples Republic of China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan), Latin America (Chile, Brazil).
Thanks to a highly qualified technical team that, with the help of the latest technologies, have the option ‡ to successfully adapt to individual requirements, GC Illumination devices are ideal for lighting systems.